Intentional Aromatherapy Sprays

Intentional Aromatherapy Sprays

A meditative experience in a bottle.  (Not for consumption)

  • Ingredients & Intentions:

    (All are in a blend of grain alcohol, filtered water, and a pinch of Pacific Ocean sea salt)


    An Intentional Spray for the journey of self healing

    Cinnamon Leaf, Rose, Mugwort, Neroli, Buddhawood


    A simple 'ritual' to set a clear intention for your space.

    Mugwort, Dragons Blood, Frankincense Frereana, Benzoin, Tonka


    a blended aroma to help you be in the moment

    Cedarwood (Virginian), Cypress, Amber, Red Mandarine, Myrrh

    divinely connected

    An atomized caress, and embrace from the universe, encouraging you to sstop, to breathe, to exist, to feel, (don't forget the breathing part). To know what all the universe is going to have in store for you...

    Lavender, Amber, Peru Balsam, Cassia, Orange, Neroli, Benzoin

    herbal chai

    Ginger, Cardamom, Balck Pepper, Anise, Cloves, & Cinnamon

    mojito mist

    (no... you can't drink this)

    Spearmint, Steam Distilled Lime, Copaiba Balsam


    a refreshing spray for your bedroom... your temple... your sanctuary

    Myrrh, Frankincense Serrata, Kumquat, Clary Sage, Finger root

    my safe space

    a blend to support, and encourage a moment of peace, so you may feel safe in the space you are in.

    Yarrow, Roman Chamomile, Amber, Buddhawood, Jasmine, Kunzea, Carrotseed, & Red Mandarine.

    mindful motivation (fuck-yes-you-can)

    Remember finally juping off the dock, finally swinging just a little higher, Here is a moment to get into that place, go get 'em, because.... fuck-yes-you-can!

    Rosemary, Grapefruit, Buddhawood, Lavender, Alpine Fir, Basil

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